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HEXUS Week In Review: RX 460, EX3200R and Pure Base 600

by Parm Mann on 20 January 2017, 16:01

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), BenQ, be-quiet, ASUSTOR

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Unleashing the full potential of the Radeon RX 460

It is quite easy to run away with yourself and spend thousands speccing that dream PC build. Multiple thousands is no exaggeration ...

BenQ EX3200R

BenQ has been steadily increasing its footprint in the gaming-monitor space in recent years. Part of that strategy has been purchasing Zowie - the eSports ...

be quiet! Pure Base 600

Chassis manufacturers are eager to add tempered glass and RGB lighting to their latest performance enclosures, but there's a lot to be said for keeping ...

Asustor AS6202T

It's never easy entering a market segment brimming with a number of established players, but Asustor has proven that there's room in the NAS arena ...

How about this for a January pick-me-up. We're giving away an AMD RX 460-based PC capable of playing the latest games at the ubiquitous 1080p ...

Competition closing date: 20 February 2017, 22:00

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After CES it's always going to be a boring week.