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ATI's ninja programmer, 'Chuck', speaks about Oblivion driver

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 9 April 2006, 11:19

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Mmmm, Chuck!

HEXUS: Does this 'patch' just enable the embedded Xenos core in the new R5xx chips? We've known that's why the die is so big for some time now, can you confirm?
Chuck @ ATI No, I can't confirm that. But the patch does enable the best image quality possible on the R5xx chips and I know you all want to get your money's worth. The X1000 cards have some great features that developers are just starting to take advantage off (or maybe not in some cases)... The die is big, though yielding very well, due to all the features; wonder why we are 3x faster at GPGPU?

HEXUS: Bethesda said it'd take significant reengineering of the PC version that'd delay the game by months at best, hence why it couldn't be supported. So, have you invented time travel or what?
Chuck @ ATI In a way. When I first read that Oblivion wouldn't initially support HDR+AA, I was shocked and disappointed. Like everyone else, I was really looking forward to the stunning graphics in Oblivion and I wanted to turn on all the bells and whistles and see what it could do on the X1900. I knew that I could actually do something to get HDR+AA working for end users right away, so I went to work on a driver patch. I'll give you more details later.

HEXUS: Now that you're famous, will you be wandering by Orton's cube tomorrow asking for that payrise, or one of Macri's Ferraris now you've made his hardware look good?
Chuck @ ATI You know, that's a great idea. Maybe I'll just ask for some extra vacation so I have time to play more games. However it doesn’t hurt if all your readers start an online initiative known as the “Get Chuck A Ferrari” petition. That would be pretty cool.

HEXUS: Can you write me a patch to turn the Oblivion gates pink, so my girlfriend will want to play it with me?
Chuck @ ATI Sure, no problem. But be careful, you might get what you wish for. I forced my wife to try Zuma and now she's on my laptop playing it 24/7!

HEXUS: Having Terry use the word 'stunning' in driver release notes is probably the biggest deal here. With Terry the quietest, most considered and straight-laced employee ATI has, how does it feel to have finally set him free?
Chuck @ ATI Pretty good. Terry is usually very reserved and I was surprised to see him jumping over cubicle walls to tell people about this patch. He definitely did a great job getting this driver out and spreading the word. I'd also like to thank Jose's QE group and our beta testers Spyre and Kombatant for putting this fix through it's paces.

Finally I would like to thank my family, my agent, and most of all my fans….. (oh wait wrong dream)

HEXUS: I've just read that ATI X1K-owning TES4 fans are creating a mod that places a statue of you in the middle of the Imperial City, and that NVIDIA TES4 fans are working on their own mod to replace every horse's ass in the game with a picture of you. Care to comment?
Chuck @ ATI Sounds great! I need all the publicity I can get. How much will that mod cost? I think 5 of my 15 seconds of fame are already up.

I must say it does feel pretty good to know that I have enabled the best possible gaming experience on this game. ATI owners will be very happy when they see the results, and I have a feeling that a few non-ATI owners may be trying out our products in the near future thanks to this functionality.

HEXUS: How will you feel next February 14th when John Reynolds sends you a Valentine?
Chuck @ ATI A little bizarre, to say the least.


So we have a man that can travel through time, wants a Ferrari or two, loves pink gates, will be a bit weirded out by JR's inevitable display of affection and has set Terry free. All incredible for one human being, we can all admit. But can the man hack? Seems so, let's see how.