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BFG GeForce GTX 295 H2O: chillin' with the champ

by Parm Mann on 16 February 2009, 17:34

Tags: GeForce GTX 295 H2O, BFG Technologies

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Not a moment after announcing its wallet-busting GeForce GTX 295 H2O, BFG's super-extreme graphics card landed in our labs and is currently crunching numbers in anticipation of the full review to follow.

Meanwhile, our snap-happy camera crew has provided a slew of imagery, so let's take a look at a graphics card that many would covet, but few could afford.

Here it is, the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 295 - only, stripped naked and found with a Danger Den waterblock sandwiched between each GPU-wielding PCB. It's worth noting, too, that BFG and Danger Den have worked closely for years. With the former sending the later sample engineering boards, this H2O edition was seemingly inevitable.

Over to the other side and there's a big serving of deja vu - you're looking at an identical PCB that's connected to the other via internal SLI. Why? Well, pure unadulterated framerate domination. If you're unfamiliar with the inner workings of a GeForce GTX 295, NVIDIA has essentially paired two 55nm GTX 200-based GPUs into a single package to create the single fastest graphics solution in the world.

Unconvinced? Refer to our in-depth review to see just how quick this monstrosity really is. We, meanwhile, are more interested in BFG's all-new cooling solution.

I can see clearly now the shroud is gone...

Sitting in between the two GPUs, Danger Den's 4lb waterblock aims to cool all the right areas - including GPU, RAM, voltage regulators and I/O chip. We're in the process of gathering our own readings, but BFG claims its water-cooled H2O edition will operate at temperatures of up to 44┬░C lower than its stock-clocked alternative.

With that in mind, what sort of out-the-box frequencies can we look forward to?