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Corsair revisits CPU cooling: introducing the Hydro Series H50

by Parm Mann on 1 June 2009, 05:30

Tags: Corsair Hydro H50, Corsair

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Corsair returns to CPU cooling

It's been a long while since memory-specialist Corsair served up a CPU cooler. Over three years, to be exact, and the Nautilus500 - launched back in February 2006 - has all but been forgotten.

Those who know Corsair, however, will be aware that the company continues to set its focus on the enthusiast market, and 2009 looks set to be the year in which it hopes to make a big impact in high-end cooling.

Earlier this month, the California-based outfit kick started its Hydro Series range with the launch of the Hydro H30 water block for Dominator and Dominator GT memory modules. In the coming days, it'll be expanding on that range with the COMPUTEX launch of its Hydro H50 - a CPU cooler for Intel and AMD processors.

Thanks to the kind folks at Corsair, we've managed to take a quick look prior to the official launch - and we've got pricing and performance numbers, too. Before we get to that, though, let's take a look at the all-new Hydro H50.