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Review: Hot iPad Apps - Scribblenauts Remix

by Steven Williamson on 17 October 2011, 10:33 4.5

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Huge database of words and objects

Indeed, with Scribblenauts Remix supporting such a huge database of words and objects, there are dozens of potential ways you could solve each puzzle. In one scenario, for example, you're tasked with giving four villagers a weapon to make an army. You might keep it simple and choose a "gun," a "sword," a "knife" and a "bow."

If you're thinking creatively, however, you might want to use a "shrink-ray," a "Medusa head," a "ray gun" and a "bazooka." Being creative with the nouns you choose is really what Scribblenauts is all about, because it's infinitely more satisfying seeing an amusing scenario play out on-screen with a range of off-beat objects than it is with standard ones.

A simple puzzle requiring you to fill a classroom with relevant objects

As you progress, problems get trickier to solve, particularly when adjectives come into play. Soon you'll be conjuring up the likes of a "Black Hole" or a "Superstrong, fast, immortal RC helicopter" to help you out. However, the increasing challenge doesn't ever boil over into frustration, thanks to a handy hint system that you can turn to at any point.

Three hints are available whenever you get stuck

With 50 levels to solve there's a lot of variety, and the number of objects you can conjure up and how they interact with the characters never fails to impress. One moment you'll be tasked with something simple, like decking out a school room with five relevant objects, and then you'll be scratching your head trying to work your way around a killer shark by using the likes of "crocodile," a "bomb" and a "submarine."

The control scheme is very responsive on the large iPad screen. The size of the touchpad makes it easier to type words than other versions of Scribblenauts on smaller devices, while being able to swipe two fingers across the screen to control the camera, or holding a finger on the screen to move Max left and right, feels intuitive.