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Twitter to focus on mobile integration

by Sarah Griffiths on 15 February 2011, 12:17

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Twitter's CEO has highlighted the importance of better integration on smartphones plus hinted at future features at a keynote speech at MWC.

According to the BBC, Dick Costolo was apparently keen to stress the importance of the mobile world for Twitter and that the micro blogging service needs ‘deeper integration' in smartphones as well as being made more available on more basic models.

Costolo reportedly said:"We want deep smartphone integration and stronger text messaging integration. It has to just work the same way everywhere it is used."

However, he apparently did not shed much light on how this might come about apart from mentioning the need for ‘single sign-ons'.

Apparently 40 percent of tweets are now posted via mobile, but Costolo reportedly said: "We want to be able to tweet from any app, without having to fire up another application."

Eden Zoller, principal analyst at research firm Ovum told the Beeb that more information would have been handy.

"We expected more; for example what Twitter is doing to build its application ecosystem given the importance of apps in adding value to the service and the fact that a growing number of Twitter users interact with the service via apps. We also hoped Twitter would show that it intends to leverage mobile location better than it is, and likewise search" she reportedly said.

As for future developments, Costolo apparently revealed that a crowd-sourcing translation service is coming soon to Twitter and that the site is becoming increasingly popular with users who just want to read other people's Tweets.

"More users of Twitter aren't tweeting. We have to understand that many are here just for consumption, they just want to follow content," he reportedly said.

According to the Beeb, he hinted that there might be a possible expansion of Twitter's social network and at possible tie-ups with TV advertisers to boost Twitter's value during TV shows such as big sports fixtures.

Costolo also said chatter about a $10bn deal with Google is nothing but a ‘rumour'. He apparently laughed off questions about partnerships with Google and Facebook, saying he was at a loss of ‘where such talk came from'.


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