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FLEx Lighting's LED film, perhaps worth adding to 2012's Kindles

by Alistair Lowe on 15 December 2011, 11:15

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A simple but effective new film has been introduced and demonstrated by Chicago-based firm, FLEx Lighting, ideal for use in E-Readers.

The film can work with as little as one LED, allowing it to remain energy-efficient whilst it functions as a guide for light, enabling it to travel uniformly across the surface of a screen, resulting in a soft glow as it lights the surface below it. It's vital to the quality and reflectivity of E-Reader panels that any surface layers remain as thin and close to the panel as possible and FLEx's edge lighting system manages this with a film only 50 microns thick, that can be laminated directly onto a panel. The company claims that the film will work happily with monochrome or full colour RGB displays.

FLEx Lighting LED front-light film

This technology would be perfectly suited for future generation E-Readers such as the Amazon Kindle, where currently a generally costly case with an LED light is required to use the device in the dark or in dimly-lit rooms. You can see an example of the new film in action in the YouTube video below.

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That looks brilliant, I hate having to use well lit rooms to be able to read my Kindle. It can mean I am unable to read at times where I have nothing else to do :(
then get a clip on light in the pound shop for- wait for it - a quid :P

There is no need to suffer any longer . . . .
then get a clip on light in the pound shop for- wait for it - a quid :P

There is no need to suffer any longer . . . .

This is very true but I'm having difficulty coping with the constant down-sizing of e-readers when you have to slap on a large and un-aesthetically pleasing awkward light that needs its own batteries which will also need replacing and I'm likely to lose. It's counter intuitive.
But these are things we knew when we bought the kindle :P So while this Flex light is great - we probably won't see it for a while.
the fact that it is at the same illumination as the surroundings is a huge plus point for the kindle, this negates that completely. It'll be closer to reading it on a tablet.