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Colour e-reader launches with focus on price and simplicity

by Sarah Griffiths on 26 August 2010, 14:34

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e-book worms

Opening a new chapter in e-reader competition, The Sharper Image has launched its Literati colour e-reader, with a focus on affordability and simplicity to appeal to book worms.

Available in the US from October in some 7,000 stores, the firm has made a bold decision to launch an e-reader without any extra tablet-like features into an already crowded marketplace. However, shoppers are expected to be wooed by its colour screen and price tag, estimated to be around $159.

"The majority of e-readers available today are either too expensive with too many features, or the manufacturer has slashed key functionality and overall device quality to lower the price," said Kirk McLean, co-founder of MerchSource, the company that designed and distributes the Literati.

"We designed the Literati from the inside out- starting with the bookstore- to give booklovers exactly what they wanted: a simple, dedicated device that lets them get right to the book."

Literati users will be able to access reading material from global ebook service, Kobo, which is backed by the US book store Borders and offers around 2m titles.

The Literati boasts a 7 inch colour screen, Wi-Fi connectivity plus Kobo reading apps for smartphones, tablets and computers so readers can seamlessly switch devices and not lose their place in a book.

Available in two flavours, white and black or brushed metallic, the e-reader comes with a case and 25 pre-loaded classic novels thrown in, as well as a coupon for loading another 125 pre-selected titles free of charge.