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ViewSonic: early Android Honeycomb didn’t deliver sufficient benefits

by Scott Bicheno on 18 May 2011, 15:22

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Honey trap

When Google first announced Android 3.0 - Honeycomb - I must admit I thought any tablets running and earlier version were hopelessly obsolete. Since then it has become clear that the first Honeycomb devices had some teething problems and haven't sold in the volumes some had expected.

In the second part of my exclusive interview with ViewSonic's European marketing manager - James Coulson - I asked him why the first lot of ViewSonic tablets didn't go with Honeycomb, and he stressed in no uncertain terms that the initial build simply didn't deliver much more than previous Android versions.

We then moved onto what it's like to be an Android OEM and Coulson confirmed that Google very much runs the show. He gave this as a further reason to go with what's proven rather than promise subsequent updates.

We concluded by talking about Android itself, and explored the many costs - both in terms of time and money - that are incurred by OEMs, which make it far from free.





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Seems to end suddenly, there going to be a second part?
Trig;2080013']Seems to end suddenly, there going to be a second part?

A third part - sorry I should have said.
No worries chap, just seemed a bit short at the end there lol..