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Review: MotoGP 10/11 - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 7 April 2011, 16:19

Tags: Capcom (TYO:9697), Racing

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Career mode complemented with the addition of brand new co-op play

With the option to totally customize your control set-up, choose the level of help with assists, and switch between different styles at any point during the Championship, MotoGP 10/11 feels like it panders to your needs. And it’s all the more better for it. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking arcade racer, or a serious sim fanatic, there are plenty of customization options and four difficultly levels to choose from - ranging from gentle to insane. Though MotoGP 10/11 can still be punishingly difficult to get to grips with (especially if you’re used to driving a car around a track), having this level of freedom to tweak the handling of your motorcycle ultimately makes for a more personal and enjoyable experience.

MotoGP 10/11 fans will be relieved to know that the full roster of teams, riders and tracks from the 2010 season are all available, and a free 2011 downloadable update is on the cards shortly. Championship mode makes a return and away from the track provides a decent and fairly in-depth, customisable and management experiences where you earn cash, gain sponsorship deals, hire engineers and upgrade your bike. You can also get your hands dirty by spending time tweaking everything from traction control to brakes, and from transmission to suspension; bikes and riders are customisable too and you can carry those creations over into the online arena for all to see. Presentation is fairly weak, but progressing through the Championship becomes quite an addictive formula as you start to get cash in your back pocket.

The Time Trial mode from last year gives way to the new Challenge mode, which ironically offers little excitement beyond standard time trial races. However, the major new addition, offline co-op play, does provide a few split-screen thrills. In co-op mode, you can ride and compete, working together as a team to try and win the championship. Though it’s good fun playing together and working towards the same goal, it is hard enough to concentrate on your own race without seeing your team-mate thrown off his bike at 120MPH in your peripheral vision. We also keep getting the urge to press the action button and throw our fists out to the side to punch other drivers, “Road Rage” style. Co-op is, sadly, not that exciting, but it does give the game some further replay value outside of the career mode and online multiplayer.

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