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Review: Clash of The Titans - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 10 June 2010, 15:05 2.0

Tags: Clash of the Titans (Xbox 360), Xbox 360, PS3, Action/Adventure

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Finger numbing monster slasher

You all know the drill by now. A big budget movie is announced and a development studio is given the unenviable task of creating the video-game spin-off while under the intense pressure to deliver it in time to coincide with the release of the film. More often than not the result is inevitably disappointing and doesn’t live up to the expectations, yet fans who enjoyed the movie will take a gamble on it in the hope that it may capture some of that very same movie magic.

If we’re to tell you that Clash of The Titans the movie has been critically slated, you can probably guess where our review is heading. If the film is no good, what chance has the game got? Nevertheless, the subject matter of Clash Of The Titans - a good vs evil battle, slated as one of greatest mythological conflicts of all-time, bodes well for the hack 'n slash fest that follows.

Typically, Clash Of The Titans is a Bayonetta/Darksiders/Devil May Cry/Heavenly Swords- type hack ‘n slash action adventure where enemy slaying is top of the agenda. With the mythological theme running through its veins and the chance to fight against well known figures, such as Medusa and the gigantic sea monster Kraken, comparisons to the God Of War series are unavoidable. That's very unfortunate, because with Kratos’s exploits rattling around in the back of our minds, in comparison Clash Of The Titans feels devoid of personality and lacks the polish or excitement provided by Sony's award-winning title.

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