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Review: Iron Man 2: The Videogame - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 10 May 2010, 09:42 1.8

Tags: Sega (TYO:6460), Xbox 360, PS3, Action/Adventure

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Gameplay Impressions

Saturday morning is one of the best times to judge a videogame. Especially if you picked it up on the way home from work on Friday and spent the night indulging your thumb bandit self within its digital charms. You know it’s a good game when you wake up and switch your console on before you’ve even rubbed the goo from your eyes. And in that respect Iron Man 2 is an excellent reason to roll over and go straight back to sleep.

It is, of course, that much maligned stalwart of the videogame world, a movie tie-in. So non-Iron Man fans should know that this is a game to avoid at all costs. But what of the comic book heroes legion of lovers? Should you part with your hard-earned cash for this? In a word: no. The very idea of Iron Man, a flying fortress with enough firepower to wipe out battalion after battalion of the world’s finest fighting forces, ought to be a simple one to convert to a videogame, just give us a nice big open world to jet around in with plenty of things to blow to pieces. This game is a linear, repetitive affair that punishes you for flying too far from whatever mission you’re stuck in, has no real destructible scenery, no eye popping violence and no aerial thrills whatsoever.

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