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Review: Aliens vs. Predator - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 26 February 2010, 12:43

Tags: Aliens vs. Predator, Sega (TYO:6460), Xbox 360, FPS

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Version played : Xbox 360

What is Aliens vs Predator?
Developed by Rebellion Studios, the team behind the original AvP game, Aliens vs Predator is a creepy, sci-fi themed first person shooter with a three-tiered single player campaign and a multiplayer component that brings the ferocious battle between marine, alien and predator online.

Though the single player campaign has one main connected storyline, it can be played from three different perspectives and therefore offers three distinctively different styles of gameplay.

The Marine – In a typical fight-against-all-odds scenario you and your team do battle on an alien infested planet armed with an arsenal of familiar first-person shooter weaponry, including pistols, rifles and flamethrowers. Using a mix of ranged and melee attacks you come up against the parasitoid extraterrestrial species from the Aliens universe and the stealthy hunters known as the Predators in a fierce battle for survival.

The Alien – Boasting a number of unique abilities, such as pheromones that give you the ability to distinguish between hostile prey and passive civilians, you can traverse any surface in your quest to escape the research facility. Using your deadly teeth and claws to maul anyone who stands in your path, playing as the Alien involves a lot of viscious close-quarter combat and a range of finishing moves that will help you unlock rewards courtesy of the game's trophy kill system.

The Predator - The focus jumping mechanic allows you to move among the tree-tops stalking your prey, ready to pounce. Playing as the Predator grants you with a range of weaponry and equipment, including the thermal imaging scanner to stalk your prey, in addition to a cloaking device and a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon.

Multiplayer also allows you to play as any three of the races and features seven game modes, including Deathmatch, Infestation and Survivor mode.

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