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Review: Far Cry

by Nick Haywood on 8 December 2004, 00:00

Tags: FarCry, PC, FPS

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Nick Haywood sits down to bang out yet another games review, and decides that this is a ‘far cry’ from a good introduction….(You’re fired…Ed.)

Every now and then, like an unexpected belch in the middle of a job interview, just as we’re all getting fed up waiting for ‘next big thing’, something comes along to jerk us out of our lethargy.

Far Cry, from Ubisoft, is the gaming equivalent of dozing in bed on a Monday morning, thinking it’s Sunday and then realising with a jolt of panic and terror that you’re already half an hour late. Ok, so a game arriving on the scene is neither terrifying or panic inducing, but Far Cry has sure as hell given me a jolt. This little beauty has snuck up from nowhere with little fanfare and is an absolute corker!

The first game to come away from multiple CDs and make worthy use of DVD technology, Far Cry is set on a series of islands in the South Pacific. You play the part of Jack Carver (a good action hero name, if ever I heard one!) who, as the story unfolds, is perfectly, but reluctantly, equipped to deal with the events that unfold before him. Good thing too, otherwise it’d be a short game. I’m not going to go into great detail about the story here, suffice to say that Jack ran a small pleasure boat business before becoming embroiled in the action on the islands… I say ‘ran’ because it’s the fact someone mysteriously blew his boat to matchsticks that has got Jack all humpy and wanting some revenge…