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Review: Pacific Fighters

by Nick Haywood on 1 November 2004, 00:00

Tags: Pacific Fighters, Simulation

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Sitting in a couple of tons of metal and being flung off a moving ship is just the sort of stupid thing Nick Haywood can be conned into.

At last! Here it is! The much anticipated and, amongst the community, much hyped next instalment of the IL2 series.

This is the game that massive amount of massively loyal IL2 fans have been waiting for ever since it was first mooted last year. Has it got anything to offer those fans? Does it live up to their hopes and expectations? Is there anything in the game to draw new fans in? Let's see.

The IL2 series has been running a good few years now and is largely the work of one man, Oleg Maddox. Since the release of the original IL2 Sturmovich, Mr. Maddox has provided his loyal fans with games of such depth, realism and authenticity that even pilots who actually flew these planes find the games to be as close to the real thing as you can get. Which is some praise indeed and shows just how dedicated Oleg is to getting right.

The original IL2 was superseded by Forgotten Battles, which expanded the first game's plane set, improved the damage and flight models and gave the graphics a serious update. This was followed by an expansion pack called, strangely enough, Aces Expansion Pack which gave virtual pilots even more planes and a Western Front to fly over. At the time, there were some grumblings as both FB and AEP had some rather large bugs or in places just weren't complete with missing campaigns, though these were later resolved in patches.