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Review: Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty - Mulltiplayer Impressions

by Steven Williamson on 29 July 2010, 08:49

Tags: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC), Strategy

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A little about single player...

As usual with single player modes the campaign is a great way to get used to the game, and typically heavy on the story/lore like most Blizzard games. It picks up where Brood War left off, and any Starcraft fan will really enjoy this..romping through blowing stuff up and building large bases within a few missions. The achievements add a new dimension to it, and the system works in a very similar way to WoW..you will certainly recognise aspects of it if you are a WoW gamer too.

The missions are presented partly linear with some being forced on you and some being optional, giving at least the impression of some morality choices (do you save the colonists for less money or steal something for more money), which is a nice touch. In between missions you get the chance to upgrade your units, hire mercenaries, upgrade your weapons..adding RPG elements to the game. What you choose doesn't affect your path through it, but it does allow you to tailor aspects of the game to fit your strategy.

I jumped out after 4 missions though, having got enough of a feel about the SP game to get on with what Starcraft is really about - the multiplayer. This is an entirely different beast..almost a different game! When you login to multiplayer, you are first given the chance to play on "practice grounds", where the game play is slower, and there are "special" maps to allow you to get used to the game. I *strongly* recommend that you play this mode before going competitive, I skipped it (due to my big head and all) and I regret doing so, as you cannot go back to the practice mode after you have skipped it, and I was not at all prepared for what was to come...which for me, was a bloodbath.