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Review: Will Of Steel

by Nick Haywood on 4 April 2005, 00:00

Tags: GMX Media, Strategy

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Will Of Steel

‘Will’ Nick Haywood be able to win through and ‘Steel’ victory in the RTS?

(Any more puns like that and you’re fired –Ed)

It’s funny, but when I tell people that I review games for a living, they’re always incredibly jealous. They seem to think that my life is one long gaming session, interspersed with paid for trips to be boozed and smoozed at the launch of the latest games. I wish that were even half true, I really do. The reality is totally different. Sure, I get some absolute corkers of games that I have to drag myself away from to then write about, and these area pleasure to play as I you can tell a good game early on and know whether to recommend it or not.

Then you get the not so good games. These take a little longer to review as you’ve got to make certain that they are poor and check to see if they get better later. So you find yourself slogging through some of the most dire experiences on this planet, wishing for a dental appointment to release you from your private gaming hell, all in the name of making sure that you, the paying punter, shells out their hard-earned readies for a decent game.

So it was with considerable delight that I finally sat down to write up Will of Steel, an RTS from GMX media with a real-world setting. You see, I have more than a few concerns and misgivings over Will of Steel, and not just from a gaming point of view… so read on.