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Review: Pro Rugby Manager 2

by Nick Haywood on 9 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: Digital Jesters, Sports

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Pro Rugby Manager 2

“Honest officer, when I said I wanted to get in a scrum with a couple of hookers, I was talking about a video game… really!” - Nick Haywood gets bail long enough to write about Pro Rugby Manager 2.

Test Machine: 1700XP@2400, 9800XT, 1Gig Corsair PC2700, Win XP

To sum up the game of rugby, I think this quote is rather apt: "The tactical difference between Association Football and Rugby with its varieties seems to be that in the former, the ball is the missile, in the latter, the men are the missiles." - Alfred E. Crawley (1913)

Yep, that pretty much does it for me. Rugby is a game you either love or hate, it’s a sometimes brutal contact sport where you can risk serious injury. My rugby days were cut short during a savage match resulting in a busted nose and a missing tooth, after that I was banned from playing again by my mum, who was fed up paying the dentist £80 a time to fit a new false tooth the day after each match.

So it comes as a relief that Cyanide and Digital Jesters have brought out Pro Rugby Manager 2, allowing armchair rugby fans such as myself to live out our dreams of taking our favourite team as far as they can. This is the sequel to their 2004 release of the same name (without the ‘2’ bit at the end, obviously), but have DJ done a FIFA style update on us and just slightly re-hashed the original or is this worthy of a purchase? Is there more here than just an updated team roster, or is PRM2 guilty of shirt tugging in the line-out? Let’s have a look and see…