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Review: Commodore 64 DTV

by David Ross on 13 January 2005, 00:00

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Before we start - No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. And no, you don't need to call the psychiatrist (Well, not yet anyway). The article title is perfectly correct - Today, I will be reviewing the Commodore 64.

No doubt many of us will remember the 80s, and with some fondness too - A more innocent time, where Duran Duran represented cutting edge music and dressing up like Adam Ant seemed like a good idea. It was also a decade that represented a giant leap for the home computer business, an important leap that helped to take us to where we are today. The 80s represented the birth of 8-bit home computers, courtesy of three players in the market - Amstrad, Sinclair and Commodore. I remember spending many a lunch break in my childhood arguing the merits of which system was best from these three companies - Was it the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64? Personally, I was firmly ensconced in the Amstrad camp for the simple reason that it was what my parents had bought me one Christmas, but secretly, deep down inside, I often cast jealous eyes over my friends Commodore 64.

But today, almost twenty years later, I have my revenge over them - While my old friends C64s are no doubt sat in some loft in disrepair somewhere (apart from a couple of keen retro hardware enthusiast friends of mine - You know who you are!), I find myself with a brand, spanking new C64, begging to be reviewed. Nostalgic 'toys' are becoming big business, as us kids of the 80s find ourselves with jobs and disposable incomes, and are just dying to shell out some cash to buy some serious nostalgia or finally buy that toy you could never afford when you were young. So, if you were heartbroken not to find a Commodore 64 in your stocking one Christmas, read on - Here is your chance to heal some of that heartache...