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Review: Corepad Mousing Surface

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 3 August 2004, 00:00

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Are you an avid gamer? Do you take your gaming seriously enough to have invested in an aftermarket mousing surface? It seems that plenty of you do, whether for performance or aesthetic reasons, and the chances are that many of you reading this will have invested in a mousing surface such as an Icemat, Everglide or fUnc.

Also, as part of your human interface group of components, components that include your monitor, keyboard, chair, desk, desk lighting, mouse and indeed mousing surface, your mousing surface is one of the most important parts of your computing setup, moreso than any hardware you use. Use something uncomfortable and RSI will catch up on you sooner or later and your health is more important than your framerate.

And so as we reach the latter stages of 2004 the market for replacement mousing surfaces - surfaces for that perfect AWP headshot in CS or simply that luxury feel while navigating the spreadsheet your boss needs in by Friday - has never been bigger. The Icemats, Everglides and fUncs of this world are barely skimming the surface of what you can buy, and for the gamer at least, another player entered the mousing surface arena back in February of this year.

Born from a glass maker in Holland called Quality Glass, the Corepad company seeks to offer you the best gaming mousing surface yet, using their expertise gleaned from producing glass mousing surfaces under the Quality Mat brand.

Since February the basic Corepad has undergone a few minor revisions, to make it into the Corepad it is today, and it's that latest Corepad that I'm taking a look at (and also giving away, more on that later!).

So whether you're interested in a good gaming surface, or simply a surface that'll look good on your desk, increasing your geek chic, the Corepad team are hoping their flagship surface will be on your list. Let's take a closer look to see if it deserves a place.