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Infernal: Hells Vengeance - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 16 April 2009, 14:27

Tags: Infernal: Hells Vengeance, Playlogic

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Pc action shooter coming to Xbox 360

Playlogic Entertainment is porting its PC action shooter of 2007, Infernal to Xbox 360 this Spring , claiming that it was always designed with a console release in mind.

Infernal: Hells Vengeance follows former Etherlite Secret Agent Ryan Lennox, who is betrayed by those close to him. In a desperate bid to uncover his former employers secret agenda Lennox makes a pact with the devil. Embarking on a voyage into a world of deception and betrayal, armed with special abilities and military grade weaponry, Ryan Lennox is a man who must succeed.

Lennox will need to master his devilish powers to uncover the truth and restore the delicate balance of good and evil. The plot sees Lennox journey from ancient monastery catacombs and secret mountain hideouts to sprawling harbor docks and industrial oil refineries, before finally facing his ultimate showdown...

* Explore a range of environments & locations across 3 levels of difficulty
* Over 10 hours of gameplay
* Control a variety of guns and weapons as well as supernatural forces to increase their power
* Engange in Hand to Hand combat, or utilize a range of weaponry
* Duck and cover system to avoid enemy attacks
* Fight intelligent opponents who use the environment to their advantage
* Utilize a vast array of supernatural powers such as telekinesis & teleportation to overcome obstacles and enemies
* Harvest the energy of your enemies to heal and to replenish your Infernal mana

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Infernal will be released exclusively to console on Xbox 360 in Q2 2009.

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