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Hell's Kitchen - Wii, DS, PC

by Steven Williamson on 6 August 2008, 14:39

Tags: Hells kitchen, PC, DS, Wii, Simulation

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Ramsay without balls?

With Nintendo’s Cooking Mama aimed at the family-friendly audience, we were hoping that the upcoming videogame Hell’s Kitchen, based on Gordon Ramsay’s foul-mouthed cooking challenge show, would be targeted toward a more mature audience.

Known for his foul-mouth, hot temper and of course his undeniably brilliant cooking skills, Ramsay’s persona appears to have been toned down considerably and made less aggressive for his upcoming outing on Wii, Nintendo DS and PC.

In reality, it’s obvious that his trademark swearing wouldn’t be included; otherwise the developer would be alienating the younger audience. Still, we’re slightly disappointed that Gordon, who is well-known for telling it how it is, has allowed his real character to be muzzled. Still, I'm sure we'll get over it.

What we’ve got in Hell’s Kitchen is a 3D accurate-looking model of Gordon Ramsay complete with elements of his personality in tact as he commands and oversees all cooking activity in the hectic restaurant kitchen.

Full details have yet to be revealed, but we do now that the game will take us through a series of kitchen and dining room timed-based challenges where success will depend on how well we cook up and serve each meal.

At the end of each service we'll be rated by Gordon on three areas: Preparation, cooking and serving, so we can expect plenty of criticism and sarcasm from the charismatic chef.