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Resident Evil 5 - gameplay walkthrough part 2

by Nick Haywood on 17 July 2008, 09:11

Tags: Resident Evil 5, Capcom (TYO:9697), Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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Arrrrgh! Zombies in the open!

So hopefully you’ve had a look at the other walkthrough, if not, check out it here. Looks pretty good, huh? Well, we have another gameplay video for you below, as well as some more detailed info on the game itself.

Resident Evil 5 will take place in Africa with loads of new environments and locations. New enemies will bring a new set of challenges as speed and intelligence will make adversaries as dangerous singly as they are in groups. To combat the zombies you’ll have an arsenal of weapons at your command to keep the evil at bay, including knives, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and more. Best of all, lighting effects provide a new level of suspense in both harsh light and deep shadow.

Check out this second instalment of our two gameplay walkthroughs, to give you an idea of what you can expect.

And as before, we’ve got a bunch of screens on the next few pages for you to have a drool over.