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GRID 3 expected to be unveiled on Tuesday 22nd April

by Mark Tyson on 18 April 2014, 15:15

Tags: Codemasters

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Codemasters has published a pretty unenlightening teaser video for GRID 3 on YouTube. Actually you don't even get to see even a single car in the video. However we definitely know a number of things from the number of visual cues contained within this video. Also Codemasters has filled in a tiny bit of detail about the upcoming game by way of a forum post or two on NeoGaf.

So let's collect together the petite morsels of information we have about this upcoming GRID 3 racing game…

  • The video trailer, entitled 'Brace yourselves… Racing is Coming', appeared on the GRID YouTube channel so it must pertain to a GRID game.
  • The burning tracer trails, with car engine noise, video concludes with the GRID logo, as seen in previous titles in the series.
  • We are directed to links for the GRID game social media sites.
  • The date of 22th April 2014 appears both in the video and in the video information field on YouTube.
  • We are invited to look up info and interact online using the hashtag #racingiscoming.
  • It is referred to as "big news" on the Codemasters blog where readers were also asked to check out the GRID social media pages.

As well as the above, Codemasters interjected in a forum where some comments were dismissive of the hint that a completely new GRID game is one the way. A NeoGaf registered user, whom it is assumed represents Codemasters, said "Just a heads up, this isn't DLC :)," CodiesLoore also added a tantalising "Cockpit view? We listened."

Later on CodiesLoore returned to the forum to stamp out another pessimistic rumour – "Also, this isn't a port, just to dismiss those rumours :)". The forum member also gave some specific game info on the upcoming title's audio, writing "Yes, it has great Audio, the team have done a top notch job on it :)"

GRID 2 was released just less than a year ago on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The 'TrueFeel' control racer is popular, with good reviews, but many players have voiced the desire for a cockpit view. It seems certain that GRID 3 will address this and with the momentum of the next-gen consoles established might well support those too. We will know more on Tuesday, hopefully with some real in-game footage being published…

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Grid 2 was so dissapointing, I have little faith in this one.
Still haven't got round to getting grid2 yet as I read so many bad reviews on forums etc… RD:Grid is one of my most played games in the last 10 years, in fact I just installed it on my htpc this week.
Hope a new one is good.
Yea, grid 2 was a complete waste of money, boring copy pasted arcade game with no depth to it at all. Wish i never bought it -_-
Can't wait for grid3, grid2 was a train wreck, was unplayable once you went passed the base cars, was like ice driving if you went above 110mph, and developers are well aware so reckon this will be a hit
I expect it to be better