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5,000 Starcraft 2 cheats banned, now Blizzard go after the big boys

by Steven Williamson on 18 October 2010, 13:23

Tags: Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI), Strategy

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Not content with just banning hackers responsible for developing cheats for StarCraft II, Blizzard hopes to make an example of those primarily responsible.

Blizzard has recently banned 5,000 players of StarCraft 2, who it believes were using exploits to cheat in the online arena. The company has now filed a lawsuit in an LA US District Court against three individuals who it claims are responsible for creating the unauthorised hacks, which are said to violate Battle.net terms and conditions.

Via Gamespot, the lawsuit reads: "Just days after the release of StarCraft II, Defendants already had developed, marketed, and distributed to the public a variety of hacks and cheats designed to modify (and in fact destroy) the Starcraft II online game experience. In fact, on the very day that Starcraft II was released, representatives of the hacks Web site advised members of the public that 'our staff is already planning new releases for this game.'"

"The harm to Blizzard from Defendants' conduct is immediate, massive and irreparable. By distributing the Hacks to the public, Defendants cause serious harm to the value of StarCraft II.

"Among other things, Defendants irreparably harm the ability of Blizzard's legitimate customers (i.e. those who purchase and use unmodified games) to enjoy and participate in the competitive online experience. That, in turn, causes users to grow dissatisfied with the game, lose interest in the game, and communicate that dissatisfaction, thereby resulting in lost sales of the game or 'add-on' packs and expansions thereto."

Blizzard want the trio to pay out a cut of the money they received from selling the hacks and also seek damages for what it claims are "multiple counts of copyright infringement. "

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Thats it Blizzard, KICK THEIR ASSES!!! I find it quite refreshing seeing a big company finally attempting to keep their game nice and clean from stupid hackers :).
Let me choose how I play the single player content, I've paid for it, by all means police the multi-player games. I've used cheats on local skirmishes when I've just wanted to muck about for a while. Blizzard's demand for 100% control over its audience is getting a little stifling.

Legit sites with trainers that only modify single player content should be left alone. If a developer doesn't like them covering their expenses, have the cheats available in-game, Rock Band does it with unlocking all songs, etc. Exploiting glitches to gain an advantage online, I don't accept. Burn them with fire.
I agree with the above! I wont be buying starcraft 2 now because tbh, if i want to use cheats in skirmish then why shouldnt I be able too?

Now dont get me wrong, im whole heartily behind blizzard when they go after people who cheat online and multiplayer etc.

But im not behind them when they target people who use them solely for single player. I would use cheats sometimes in single player games of command and conquer and suprme commander. But when it comes to online ive never cheated in my life.
I agree with the above! I wont be buying starcraft 2 now because tbh, if i want to use cheats in skirmish then why shouldnt I be able too?

Aren't there cheatcodes built in for single player?
Not as far as ive found - I dont own the game though so wouldnt know. As far as I know there isnt and people are using trainers from cheathappens (That dont work in MP) to get cheats in SP.

I just dont see how blizzard can justify going after people like this. Multiplayer yes of course but not single player.