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ABIT ACON5 - World Finals: A typicaly British poor start

by Nick Haywood on 5 June 2005, 00:00

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ACON5 World Finals: Disastrous day for the UK

ACON5 World Finals: Disastrous day for the UK

Within minutes of the ACON5 World Finals opening yesterday, hopes for a UK win in eiher Warcraft 3 or CS were looking shakey as first BonD then Landed went down in their first matches.

BonD was the first to fall as within five minutes of his Warcraft 3 match against WE Sky, Sky had shielded his base meaning BonD’s rush attack soon became a war of attrition. With Sky’s base being a tough nut to crack, BonD withdrew his depleted forces only to be relentlessly pursued back across the map, suffering losses all the time.

The crowd here went wild as Sky pushed home his counter attack, swiftly destroying BonD’s less well defended base as he’d concentrated on offensive units for a rapid attack. Unable to recover his losses, BonD’s gamble on an early rush attack sadly failed to pay off and he went down into the lower group bracket for this double elimination fight as a crowd of some 500 Chinese cheered their local hero to victory.

Landed fared little better in the CS matches, being drawn against the strong fzer0 team from Australia. After the first half Landed were in serious trouble against the well drilled fzer0 team with a 14-1 scoreline on de_dust2.

Just two matches later and it was all over as fzer0 put a win beyond Landed’s reach and knocked them into the lower bracket to face alt.attax.

So both the British hopefuls are now on their last lives, needing to win all the way to have any chance of reaching the latter stages of the tournament… here’s hoping!

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