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ABIT ACON5 - World Finals: Speeches and teams

by Nick Haywood on 4 June 2005, 00:00

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ABIT ACON5 World Finals: Speeches and teams

ABIT ACON5 World Finals: Speeches and teams

After all the dances were over, it was the turn of the sponsors to get up and say a few words. Chris Tobias from Intel spoke a few words, as did ATI’s bad-boy Ian McNaughton, who came out with the memorable line of “Let’s have some fun and kick some butt!”.

Intel’s Chris Tobias whips the crowd into a foaming mouthed frenzy…

ATI’s Ian McNaughton: He wants us to have fun and kick ass!

Corsair’s Scott Thirlwell,
former ABIT Marketing Manager, and the man to really blame for originally plotting all this ABIT ACON stuff
- sporting his new 'butch' haircut and no moustache -
fans the flames of ass-kicking fun

Sensibly knowing their crowd, everyone kept their speeches brief and to the point, to then be followed with the presentation of the teams. First up war the Warcraft 3 players, with Alex Bond aka Bond carrying the flag for the UK and being presented with his finalist plaque.

Bond, the UK’s great hope in Warcraft 3

The ABIT ACON5 World Finals Warcaft 3 players

Then it was the turn of the CS teams to take the stage and representing the UK are Landed, again coming up to collect there finalists plaque.
Landed: Hoping to kick ass, then have fun.

The ABIT ACON5 World Final Counter Strike teams

Ed's Note: so long as it's all ass kicking... :o

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