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Myst - DS

by Steven Williamson on 8 February 2008, 09:57

Tags: Myst, Empire Interactive, DS, Action/Adventure

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North American release in March

Check out these tiny screenshots from the interactive adventure Myst, which has already been released in the UK, but will have a North American release in March.

Under obscure circumstances, a mysterious person known as the Stranger (the player) finds a bizarre book titled MYST. Upon opening the book, the Stranger discovers the first page is occupied by a single moving image - the Linking Panel - showing a glimpse of an island. By touching the Linking Panel, the player is transported to the island to explore the breathtaking environments.

MYST is an engaging experience that draws adventure-seekers into beautiful yet eerie worlds with unique settings in varied times and places. While venturing through the six worlds of MYST, players help individuals trapped in parallel dimensions - without ever actually encountering living beings - by solving a multitude of puzzles, mazes and problems. Close observation and precise logic will help players unlock the secrets of MYST. The non-linear gameplay of MYST is designed unlike any other adventure game, with no instructions, inventory, death or dialogue. MYST is about the experience encountered throughout the breathtaking worlds and environments.