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Dynasty Warriors Wage War On 360 and PS2

Tags: Koei (TYO:3635), Strategy

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Summer release

Koei Ltd. today announced plans to bring their multi million selling Dynasty Warriors series to Xbox 360 in the shape of Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. KOEI have chosen the deeper, more strategic challenge of DW5 Empires to be the first Dynasty Warriors of the next generation. The European release of Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires on both Xbox 360 and PS2 is scheduled for Summer 2006.

"Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires on Xbox 360 will be the most visually astounding game in the hugely popular Dynasty Warriors series to date." said Will Curley, KOEI UK Sales Manager. "It will also offer Xbox 360 and PS2 gamers a much more strategically involving Dynasty Warriors experience, with tactical cunning and diplomatic maneuvering just as important as your expertise out on the battlefield."

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More information will soon be available at: http://www.koei.co.uk/

Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires will be KOEI's fifth release of 2006 following Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends for PS2, Atelier Iris for PS2, Samurai Warriors: State of War for PSP, and G1 Jockey 4 for PS2.