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Kudos -Take on a new life

Tags: Strategy

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Press release

Positech Games, creators of the award winning title Democracy are thrilled to announce their latest unique strategy game, Kudos. Take on a new life with complete control of what you do, where you go, and who you socialize with. Kudos is a turn based strategy game where every action you take in life is reflected on everything else you do and what the world thinks of you.

It's 6.20pm on April 14th, 2006. You are 20 years old and single. Tonight is your twentieth birthday. You live alone in a small flat in Slough, a suburb of London, England. Somehow you left school without any qualifications to speak of, and you have a dead end job that doesn't have much of a future. What are you going to do with your life? and what will you have achieved by your thirtieth birthday?

In Kudos what you do with that life is nearly limitless. Become a muscular physicist on the bowling team, alcoholic motorcycle riding human rights lawyer, health-obsessed skateboarding cosmetic surgeon, or whatever your imagination can handle. Kudos lets you live a second life one turn at a time.

There’s neither victory nor defeat in Kudos. You earn kudos as a measure of your social performance, but the game does not end when your kudos is high or when your kudos is low. Instead the goals you set are your own to deal with, and so as you explore the game new ideas and new goals may become the objective of your new life.

Enjoy the free demo version of Kudos from the Positech Kudos website at www.kudosgame.com

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