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More Secrets Revealed On Officers - Wheels Of War

Tags: Strategy

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Control Up To 500 Troops

Publishing house GFI and development company GFI UA continue unveiling secrets of the "Officers" game world. This time we are talking about air forces, artillery and sappers.

The role of air forces can hardly be overestimated during the war. They serve for supply transportation purposes, deliver commandos in the enemy's rear, and do reconnaissance missions. With battle-planes and bombers being redoubtable and terrifying angels of death spreading panic and devastation among the enemy, fighters may be called guardian angels that bring hope and inspiration.

While playing Officers you will be able to use aircrafts for powerful air strikes, carpet bombing, aerial reconnaissance and dropping off commandos. In case of the hostile air strike, you can call fighters, and steel birds will engage in a deadly round dance to the accompaniment of machine-gun fire. The air force use will be limited because of its extreme killing power and effectiveness. Hence, the player will have to decide for themselves whether and when to use regular forces and ask for air support.

As for the artillery, everything is also very similar to the real war. There are different types of howitzers, anti-tank and flak cannons, reactive artillery, self-propelled artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems. Similarly to the tanks we have already mentioned in our previous communiques, cannons also have a set of damageable parts and can fire two types of shells, i.e. armor-piercing and high-explosive. The player can pick the type of ammo manually or allow the AI to do so. Cannons can also be entrenched, what makes them less vulnerable and more effective in defense. But on the other hand, entrenched cannons can not turn around on 360 degrees that sometimes may be a serious drawback. To increase cannon mobility the player can hitch it to a truck. This been done, the player should keep an eye on their troops to protect them from possible ambushes and air strikes.

Sappers also known as engineers as well play an important part in the game because of their special abilities. They can set up antitank installations, place and clear minefields, repair damaged technique, and build pontoon bridges and mobile supply depots. The latter are extremely vital for offensive operations because they are the only supply stations that can quickly provide some much needed ammo and fuel to advancing troops.

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