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Imperium Romanum: Marching into stores today!

Tags: Imperium Romanum, PC, Strategy

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Press release

Today, Kalypso Media Group are pleased to announce that the strategy title "Imperium Romanum" is now available in stores in the UK.

Build, reign and defend your own Roman city, as you take on the role of governor, construct fortifications, develop a thriving economy and protect your settlement from plundering Barbarian tribes.

Today Kalypso Media also release ten new screenshots from the game. Depicting natural and city scenes, these screens show the attention to detail taken by the developers Haemimont Games, also developers of the successful "Glory of the Roman Empire" which sold over 1 million units throughout Europe.

With missions based on real events and locations, and enhanced by elements like crime and economics, Imperium Romanum is the complete historical strategy gaming experience.

Imperium Romanum is already considered to be one of the top PC-strategy games of the first quarter of this year.