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Imperium Romanum trailer now available

Tags: Strategy

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Press release

Kalypso Media Group are today please to publish the first trailer of the upcoming strategy blockbuster "Imperium Romanum".

Defend yourself against Barbarians attacking your settlement, watch the Chariot race in Circus Maximus within the spectacular empire building strategy game, the sequel to the successful "Glory of the Roman Empire" which sold over 1 million units throughout Europe,

The success of your fortune settlement lies very much in your own hands…..

As governor of a Roman province you have to build up and to expand the town, face barbarian attacks, you will be judged by the sophistication of your technical skills.

The trailer is available for download and approved for publishing with immediate effect:

The 80Mb .wmv trailer is 640*480 pixels and approximately 2 minutes
Please feel free to place the trailer on your download mirrors.

Imperium Romanum, will be published by in February/March 2008 at a price of £29,99. The title will be released by the Kalypso Group worldwide, excluding Spain and Italy. Imperium Romanum is already considered to be one of the top PC-strategy games of the first quarter of next year.