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Safari simulation stampedes onto Wii: Wild Earth: African Safari

by Steven Williamson on 14 December 2007, 09:38

Tags: Wild Earth: African Safari, Majesco Games, Wii, Simulation

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Don't disturb those lions

Based on the PC game from Super X Studios, Wild Earth: African Safari is Majesco Studio's simulation set in Africa’s Serengeti National Park where players are rewarded for taking top quality photos of the wildlife. What...no guns?

You take the role of a journalist who is tasked with taking photos of 30 animals in the wildlife park. Spanning across 11 missions, which also include side-quests, you can observe gentle giraffes in the hidden valley from the aerial view of a helicopter or meet a family of elephants as they take care of their young. They'll be an extensive list of animals wandering around, including a cheetah, crocodile, crowned crane, elephant, flamingo, frog, bat, gazelle, giraffe, hippo, hyrax, leopard, lion, ostrich, oxpecker, pangolin, rhinoceros, suricate, tortoise, trout, vulture, warthog, wildebeest and zebra.

Photos collected are placed into an animated slide show presentation of informative articles. In addition, players can select their own favorite photos to keep in their portfolio.

The Impact Meter will track how much of a disturbance you are to the natural habitat. If you disturb too many animals or get to close to them, your Wii Remote will rumble at varying degrees, making it harder to take a steady picture. If the Impact Meter becomes completely depleted, you fail the mission.

Majesco Entertainment are focusing on creating a realistic environment with flora and terrain from the Serengeti National Park in Africa, at different times of day and in varied weather. Grasses, shrubs, flowers, kopjes (rocky outcroppings), streams and lakes should provide some terrific photo opportunities.

“Wild Earth: African Safari encompasses several great passions – photography, travel and the outdoors – and combines them into a fun and informative interactive experience,”said John Merchant, Marketing Manager, Majesco Europe. “With exclusive new features found only in the Wii version, Wild Earth: African Safari lets people experience one of nature’s most complex and diverse habitats, without needing their passport or inoculations.”

Two new features exclusive to the Wii version include a cooperative multiplayer mode that allows up to three friends to either drive or take pictures, and a Safari Mini-Game mode where gamers can play from the animals’ perspective using intuitive gestures via the Wii Remote. In addition, an inspiring soundtrack from world music label, Talking Drum Records, lends an atmospheric backdrop to the game.

Nine more screenshots overleaf!