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Wings Over Europe - Cold War : Soviet Invasion - PC

by Steven Williamson on 14 August 2006, 14:44

Tags: Empire Interactive, Strategy

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Wings Over Europe

The Cold War was a phoney war, without a shot ever being fired in anger. But what if it had been a real conflict? What would have transpired if the Soviet Union invaded West Germany in 1962? Wings Over Europe, an air-combat game, asks that question, arriving this September from Empire Interactive on PC and with a recommended retail price of £29.99.

Designed by the legendary Tsuyoshi Kawahito, the man behind European Air War, Wings Over Europe takes place in the 1960’s and 70’s with the Soviet Union at war with NATO. Players assume the role of an elite fighter pilot, taking control of some of the best jet combat aircraft from the last 40 years including such legendary British fighters as the Hawker Hunter and Hawker Harrier in an attempt to control the skies over Western Europe. In addition, the RAF insignia can be placed on to any other NATO aircraft. For example, should players feel that the RAF should have adopted the mighty McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle in to their strike force then they can simply make it happen!

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Allowing players to jump straight in to the action and take to the skies immediately, Wings Over Europe has deliberately focused on accessibility rather than the intimidating approach of most combat flight simulators on the market which are almost as complicated as flying an actual aircraft. Wings Over Europe is all about visceral, immediate, seat-of-your-pants air combat in an age when visual targeting and dogfighting dictated the outcome of aerial conflicts as opposed to the long range sensors and ‘over-the-horizon’ air-to-air missiles of modern air warfare.

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Acknowledging the incredible level of creativity in the online modding community as evidenced by the sheer volume of fan postings for the prequel to Wings Over Europe in Wings Over Vietnam, Wings Over Europe also has a mod-friendly open architecture. This will allow players and fans to create and upload on the internet their own skins, aircraft, terrain, missions, campaigns and editors for others to use as well as downloading the thousands more created by other users to implement in to their own game.

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Turn the page for the game's features and system requirements.