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GT Legends

by Nick Haywood on 28 April 2005, 00:00

Tags: 10tacle studios AG, Racing

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First Look : GT Legends

First Look : GT Legends

If you want to make an authentic racing game nowadays you have to go off and buy a license of the sport’s governing body, so that exactly what 10tacle Studios and developer SimBin have done for GT Legends which is due for release this winter.

Equipped with the official licence of the FIA GTC '65, FIA TC '65 and FIA GTC-TC '76 respectively, SimBin hope to bring us over 90 of the most legendary GT and touring cars of the past generations.

GT Legends will see you haring around in classics like the Austin Mini Cooper S, the Ford Capri or the Mercedes 300 SL. These will be available in the Cup Challenge to compete against each other on the most famous European racing tracks. Only the best drivers will stand a chance and can afford to insure all cars for their team.

Numerous different game types as well as five levels of difficulty promise a high degree of long-term motivation for both beginners and pros. With a new engine, improved graphics and an extended list of features, GT Legends continues the big success of their current racing hit GTR and is once again sure to provide high authenticity, a detailed presentation and thrilling entertainment behind the steering wheel of an untamed racing beast.

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