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E3 2005:: 1C Line-up

by Nick Haywood on 5 May 2005, 00:00

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Enormous 1C E3 round-up

Enormous 1C E3 round-up

Ever heard of 1C? In all probability, you haven’t as Russian publishers tend to be a little less well known on a global scale, but 1C is certainly making a name for itself and 2005 could well turn out to be their year for rising to fame and fortune. Founded in 1991, 1C has several internal development teams and is probably most famous over here for the IL2 series of games.

1C’s line-up for E3 2005 is looking very strong with just about every genre catered for. We’ve got everything from real world historic RTS games through to futuristic, alternate future FPSs and more besides. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what 1C will be showing off in LA in a couple of weeks.

You Are Empty
Following some genetic experiments by Soviet scientists in the 1950’s, you wake up to find that most of the inhabitants of the city are either dead or now revolting mutants. Your task in this FPS is to figure out what happened and stop the spread of the mutants from the city.

You Are Empty promises an unusual twist on the standard FPS sci-fi scenario with branching plot lines and multiple endings. Woven in amongst this is a realistic physics engine and advanced AI, all of which should give a unique playing experience.

Parkan II
Parkan II is a 3D space simulator combined with first person action planet side. In the game players will get an opportunity to explore a vast universe, visit different planets, their satellites, huge space stations and immense space destroyers. Be it in the cockpit of the spaceship, inside a tank or just with a laser rifle in hand, gamers will have to fight against multiple enemies in outer space, on planets' surface, inside military bases or even on the debris of some ancient civilizations.

Open ended game play provides players the ability to choose their own destiny, to become a merchant or a colonizer, a mercenary or a pirate. As players advance through the game, they'll be able to upgrade spaceships and ground vehicles with new types of weapons and military equipment. Gamers can capture planets or even whole star systems, build up their own empire, command armies of warbots and change the face of the universe.