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The DS gets grown up with Panzer Tactics

by Nick Haywood on 26 June 2006, 16:51

Tags: Strategy

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Panzer Tactics DS is the first and only WWII turn-based strategy wargame designed for the Nintendo DS. The game is played on hex-based maps and offers a variety of control options.

Panzer Tactics DS offers multiple single-player modes, including a historically based campaign mode that takes players through a series of increasingly challenging missions, leading to a showdown with an awesomely powerful enemy army. The top-notch AI will continue to amaze players with its skilful use of battlefield tactics and units in a game that will be easy to play but difficult to master.

All missions are based on historical battles from WWII, utilizing real-world units from the era. New units can be unlocked, while existing units earn experience through battle.

The graphics engine is designed to allow for an optimal battlefield overview, conveying the maximum amount of information without overwhelming the player, while displaying the excellent unit and terrain graphics available in the game.

Panzer Tactics DS features a four-player multiplayer mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi or DS wireless mode. In multiplayer matches, game speed and other parameters can be adjusted, allowing the gameplay to continue smoothly while players wait for one another to finish a turn.

There’ll be three unique campaigns (German, Russians and Western Allies) in 30 thrilling missions, including "commando" operations taking players behind enemy lines with optional mission objectives to unlock bonus missions and other tactical enhancements. In total there’ll be over 20 different special attacks and 150 different land, sea and air units for all three sides with different battle animations for all units on any terrain and a wide range of special effects, explosions and weather effects.