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Review: Siemens SL65, A Forgotten gem?

by David Ross on 7 August 2005, 00:00

Tags: Siemens

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First Impressions

The SL65 is the replacement for the, seemingly popular, SL55, a tiny little phone that was top of the pile in terms of size for nigh on a year. Nobody could get close, but the downside to the handset was that size was really all it had going for it. So the big question is, has the SL65 changed all that?

Sitting pretty in black, the sample we have for review here is a mix of matte and polished plastic with splashes of chrome here and there. The black itself is slightly different from the norm, with deep red coloured flakes set in the plastic to give the handset a subtle reflective sparkle.

There are some really neat design touches on the handset itself, none more so than the chrome earpiece with inset wire mesh.

Sliding the handset open reveals the keypad, which unlike the SL55, has suitably sized keys that don’t require you to poke at your phone with a toothpick just to make a call. There is one more design element here that I was impressed with: the keypad. Although well back lit, it also features a gentle top glow from the underside of the screen section. A simple, but clever design.