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Review: Orange M500

by Matt Davey on 20 July 2005, 00:00

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Worldwide sales of mobile phones are expected to be 1 billion annually by the year 2009, a statistic that horrifies those who prefer a telephone with a wire but one that requires the industry to provide more products to meet the various demands of improving daily life.

As more and more people start to work on the move, be it in a mobile office or on flexi-time, the demands for their, once simple telephone, get bigger; with this demand being fuelled by the consumer, the industry is very often playing catch up to the latest craze. But at what point will they say enough is enough?

The answer to that is probably never, but at the same time, for the people who treat their mobile phone as a fashion accessory the M500 will not appeal to you, the M500 from Orange is here to replace your office, your phone, your PC, your camera and your dog*. (*Almost, it has a barking ring tone.)