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Review: Creative GigaWorks T20 speakers - a first look

by Matt Davey on 16 January 2007, 08:52

Tags: Creative

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They say variety is the spice of life. Well, in the HEXUS review world we don't take a look at speakers as often as we should, that’s for sure. Hence New Year, new resolution, review different hardware, etc. That's the plan, anyway.

First to hit the HEXUS labs in preparation of the new resolution was the Creative GigaWorks T20 range of speakers. We looked at Creative's I-Trigue 5100 speakers back in 2005 and they have been my personal choice since that time, even though the wires drove me very close to a mid-life crisis.

Move forward another 18 months and I managed to get a couple of weeks in the company of these new offerings from Creative, which are slick, suave, and on the very edge of being expensive. Ladies and gentlemen, it's review time, T minus 20 and counting.... (See what I did there?)