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Review: abit iDome digital DS 500 speakers and SW 510 subwoofer

by Steve Kerrison on 5 October 2006, 09:51

Tags: abit

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The PC upgrade process is never ending. Once the new uber-PC is built, it's time to get a fancy monitor to hang off that high-end graphics card, or a new mouse, because that'll make you better at online gaming, right? Then there's the sound system. What good is an awesome system when the speakers are crappy? The only problem is that speaker upgrades are also seemingly never ending. Start with in-built, get some nice 2.1s, then some surround sound, but then there's a DTS setup that catches your eye. There's a lot of choice, so what's the right choice?

abit has recently come forward with what it thinks is the best choice. A speaker system that's digital from start to finish. They're called iDome and abit heralds them as 'Personal Digital Theater' speakers.

With that in mind, let's have a little look at them, shall we?