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Review: Humax FOXSAT-HDR: subscription-free HDTV heaven?

by Parm Mann on 17 April 2009, 16:59 4.45

Tags: FOXSAT-HDR, Humax

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The Humax FOXSAT-HDR introduced UK television viewers to Freesat+ back in November 2008, and whilst we're not in the habit of reviewing six-month-old hardware, reader interest is such that we've been encouraged to get a review sample in to take a closer look. So, here we are.

If you're wondering what the Humax FOXSAT-HDR actually is, here's your answer; it's a digital satellite set-top box that allows viewers to watch and record both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) broadcasts.

Similar, then, to BSkyB's Sky+ service that you've no doubt seen advertised. The difference here, of course, is that Freesat is a free-to-view service that carries no subscription and provides HD broadcasts at no additional charge.

It sounds like HDTV heaven, so let's take a closer look...