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Computex Taipei - 2006 : Preview :: ECS V70 'breakthrough' digital photo frame

by Bob Crabtree on 5 June 2006, 17:15

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A "breakthrough" digital photo frame with audio and video capabilities is among the new products being debuted by Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) at Computex 2006 - click here for our in-depth show coverage.

The V70 Digital Photo Frame - pricing and availability unknown - is said to be able to play music (MP3, WMA and AAC) to accompany photo slide shows, transform from portrait to landscape modes for optimised viewing and double as a video player for files in MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, XVID and DivX formats.

A 7in screen is built in and described by ECS as being bright and sharp. Also built in is a memory-card reader (spec not given) for transferring collections of high-resolution photos from a PC or camera. Onboard storage capacity, socketry, screen res and other particulars have still be revealed.

The V70 and other new ECS products are on show throughout Computex (June 6 – 9) at the ECS booth, New York New York, 7F, Hall B.

Probably hard to tell from the little that ECS has so far unveiled whether or not the V70 will turn out to be interesting. Nonetheless, we're expecting you to comment, as always, in the

Update - June 8, 10:30

Just received from ECS a shot of the V70 taken at the show and include that below. No further info, though, has yet been provided.

ECS V70 Digital Photo FrameClick for larger image

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I first came across this type of device whilst on hols in the US, at Best Buy. It was a multi-card reader (CF, MS and SD if i remember which even 2 years ago was somewhat limiting), was approx 4“ wide and had a ”high resolution“ screen although specs were not written. Due to the ”low low price" of about $300 I had to enquire with the staff about the resolution, and i can tell you that those Best Buy staff make PC World guys look like CERN specialists. It transpired to be a huge 640 x 480…. although did allow you to add photos up to 3 megapixels that it could scale down. Nice. Even then I had a 4 megapixel Sony, so none of the photos i had taken could be displayed.
Made me think of the story of the NASA guys and the writing in space scenario.

If this ECS is 7" and wants to display photos properly it needs to be minimum 1024 x 768. Minimum.
Very surprised not to see wireless compatibility, allowing you to transfer photos/music/etc over your network and control it from your PC. Would make it much more appealing IMO.

Maybe it does have it, just i didn't see it listed in the article.
ECS has provided very little info about the product - I'm just hoping that our big team of people at the show will be able to get more details and some pics.
You've got the Hexus posse on the case eh Bob? :)
yeah, shame about the lack of wireless and the ability to pull from a network store. Would much prefer that to having anything stored on the ‘frame’ itself.

Hope it looks good too. I like the philips one they have in John Lewis, it's purdy.

I know the idea of digital photo frames has been around for years, but it's good to se that technology is finally catching up.