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Actual transforming robot a reality, reaches production form

by Alistair Lowe on 27 November 2012, 08:51

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At some point along the line, it's the dream of most young boys (and a few girls) to have their very own transforming robot, perhaps after watching popular Japanese mech animes, playing a game or, most recently, watching a Hollywood Transformers film. But the toy industry has spat out cheap models that either fail to transform at all or require complex, manual steps, all in the name of profit margins.

The future is now here, however, with the creation of what is hoped to be the production-ready, Brave Robotics-branded 1/12-scale transforming robot; a gadget that is both an RC car and a robot with a fully-automated transformation sequence, advanced movement and control.


This hopefully final iteration features a WiFi webcam and a 3D-printed shell. If that wasn't enough note the missile launchers present in each arm. So far, creator Mr Kenji Ishida has only 10 of these bad boys for sale in the initial batch, with pricing upon request. We do hope very much to see this product available in the mass-market soon.

Brave Robotics

Image Credited to HobbyMedia

Dear Santa...

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Serious kudos to the guy who designed this! He should licence the concept to Mattel or someone and watch the millions pour in… Seriously, what 8-12 y/o boy (or girl of course) is NOT going to want one of these??
If this product takes off you will be rich. @CK_1985 I'll buy one and I'm 28 (never mind the 8-12s)
If this product takes off you will be rich. @CK_1985 I'll buy one and I'm 28 (never mind the 8-12s)

Ditto for me at 30 and I reckon a good number of people more senior in years than us!
28 here and I was still Oooo gimme gimme gimme…
36 & I'll have one !!!

I saw the prototype early last year on youtube, it was a bit ruff but was still a great piece of work that any big kid shared on FB & other media's (as I did). This look's a lot more brushed up & they have inc the Wifi cam… Only neg of me is I'd like to see more speed when its in the Car mode ? Robot wise the movement is about the same as most walking ones on the market !