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Breathalyse yourself

by Steve Kerrison on 16 January 2006, 16:41

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You know how it is, go to these big international events and they tend to throw on the parties. So there was team HEXUS, staggering coherently walking around CES when team HEXUS was confronted by the people from one booth and promptly breathalysed.

Luckily they weren't trying to catch the team out, and indeed levels were within limits. Rather, they were showing off their latest digital breathalyser - the AlcoHAWK Slim. The device is FDA- and DOT-cleared, plus it's easy to use, giving a result in seconds. For the drivers out there it's perhaps a useful device to have. There's no word on UK availability, but its MSRP in the US is $69.95.


Perhaps of more interest to us, however, was the ThermoHAWK. The ThermoHAWK is a digital infra red thermometer, which takes readings without making contact with the item being measured. Press a button and usually less than a second later, the surface's temperature will be displayed.


Uses include checking food temperatures and whether your limbs are about to fall off in the cold winter weather, but we also reckon some HEXITES might fancy using one to read off component temperatures in their PC. They're bound to be more accurate than the temperature readings on motherboards, although we know some of you will no doubt stick to the "if it doesn't burn my finger off then it doesn't need a heatsink... yet" school of thought.

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