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The Monster remote - controlling just about everything

by Steve Kerrison on 10 January 2006, 12:26

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2006 International CES

It's massive, it's absolutely massive. Then again, it does attempt to control just about everything in your house.

Excuse my little outburst there, but this device is certainly a little overwhelming at first sight. However, a closer look reveals the Monster Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300 to be potentially extremely useful. It can control, as the name suggests, everything in your home theater setup, along with lighting.

The remote has a web-based setup facility to avoid the usual clumsy programming that is required. In fact, there shouldn't be much programming to be done, with a library of product manufacturers and model numbers to choose from, just select which devices you have and the remote will be able to control them.

On top of being able to control a vast array of components, the remote can also be programmed to do macro style functions - performing a series of instructions, such as turning off the MP3 player, turning on the TV and then taking the digibox out of standby mode.

The remote itself uses RF, so signals can be sent through walls. The kit includes an RF to IR bridge so that IR devices can receive instructions from the remote. The one thing we hope, is that with all this functionality in a remote, it doesn't become so confusing that you try to turn the telly on, but end up plunging the entire house into darkness by accident.

Monster remote

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:o Look at the size of it - that is a MONSTER :)

I can see a few geeks going to A&E with related injuries after trying to pick that remote up.
I doubt it. Geeks tend to have strong wrists. I won't explain why.