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All BBC World Cup matches available in UK on broadband

by Bob Crabtree on 2 June 2006, 18:21

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BBC WC footie on broadband

BBC World Cup presenters

The BBC has revealed that all of the World Cup matches it's broadcasting on TV will also be available to UK residents by broadband. And tennis-lovers will be pleased to know that Auntie is providing UK broadband users with live coverage from five courts during Wimbledon fortnight (June 26-July 9). Commentary, in each case will be as broadcast, though various extras are available to internet users.

BBC footie kicks off with the opening game, just one week away, on Friday June 9 - Germany v Costa Rica, at 5.00pm. England's first match, against Paraguay, will be shown the next day, Saturday June 10, at 2pm. Should England reach the second round and quarter-finals, those matches will be available exclusively on the BBC.

ITV, though, look to have an equal share of England's first-stage games and of the games of other teams in its group - Group B. We've listed on the next page all the first-stage games that the BBC and ITV are broadcasting.

All of the Beeb's broadband goodness can be accessed here, with football lovers getting directed here and tennis followers here.

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