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Initial Blu-ray and HD DVD movie line-up at a glance

by Bob Crabtree on 9 January 2006, 17:00

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Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD logos stacked

At last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, most of the major film studios made announcements about which of the two forthcoming high-def DVD formats they'd be supporting and gave out the titles of the movies they'd have available to co-incide with the US launch of player hardware.

We've trawled through all the announcements we could find and tabulated the result to create an at-a-glance guide of what movies are likely to be available on Blu-ray Disc and on HD DVD at the outset.

As you will see, 20th Century Fox HE and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (along with MGM) are in the Blu-ray-only corner; Universal and Paramount is in the HD-DVD-only corner; and Warner is playing a refereeing role, offering titles in both formats but, initially, with rather more HD DVD movies than Blu-ray.

Few of the studios have spelt out in detail their follow-up launch schedules - though Sony reckons it will be publishing four Blu-ray movies a month by the summer and 10 a month by Q4, 2006. However, the feeling we're getting is that most will introduce high-def versions of new movies in the format (or formats) they support at the same time as standard-def versions come available or, maybe, even a little before.

What's still not clear, though, is what prices the new-format discs will sell for nor, maddeningly, when high-def movies and hardware (players, burners, ROM drives, whatever) will be arriving in Europe.