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Google Music opens its doors in US, Android app available

by Steven Williamson on 17 November 2011, 09:08

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With plans to take a chunk of the profitable digital music download market currently dominated by Apple’s iTunes service, Google Music has opened its doors today to US customers.

The beta phase has been running for a while, allowing users to upload their music collections and save them in the cloud so they can stream them from any device, but the new service now allows customers to share and purchase music through the official online or Android store.

The store opens with more than 13 million tracks from artists on Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, and the global independent rights agency Merlin as well as over 1,000 independent labels.

You can purchase individual songs or entire albums right from your computer or your Android device and they’ll be added instantly to your Google Music library, accessible anywhere and synched automatically across all compatible platforms.

The top-tapping ‘Introducing Google Music video’

To celebrate the launch, Google Music is offering a number of exclusive musical tracks for free including:

The Rolling Stones are offering an exclusive, never-before-released live concert album, Brussels Affair (Live, 1973), including a free single, “Dancing with Mr. D.” This is the first of six in an unreleased concert series that will be made available exclusively through Google Music over the coming months.

Coldplay fans will find some original music that’s not available anywhere else: a free, live recording of “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”, a five-track live EP from their recent concert in Madrid and a remix of “Paradise” by Tiësto.

Busta Rhymes’s first single from his upcoming album, Why Stop Now (feat. Chris Brown), is available for free.

Shakira’s live EP from her recent concert in Paris and her new studio single, “Je L’Aime à Mourir” are both being offered up free.

Pearl Jam are releasing a live album from their 9/11/11 concert in Toronto, free to Google Music users.

Dave Matthews Band are offering up free albums from two live concerts, including new material from Live On Lakeside.

Tiësto is offering up a new mix, “What Can We Do?” (feat. Anastacia), exclusively to Google Music users. •

Google Music is open in the US at market.android.com, and over the next few days it will roll out the music store to Android Market on devices running Android 2.2 and above.

There are still a few odds and ends to tie up before Google Music launches in the UK and Europe.

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Been running this on my SGS2 here in the UK for months now. It's really quite good.
Been running this on my SGS2 here in the UK for months now. It's really quite good.
Any chance of a mini-review … for those of us not on the Beta?

That said, I'm slightly wary about Google having access to my CD rips. I'm already getting a little paranoid about the amount of information that they've got on me - e.g. when I signed up for Google+ recently, it recommended that I put the Dalai Lama and Joe Satriani in my celebrity circle. I've just finished reading a (paperback) book by the former and I've been to a couple of concerts from the latter - how did Google know? After all, it's not as if I'm on Facebook or anything like that.
Still no lossless from any online distributor… :(

CDs will be my medium of choice for a while…

It's nice that the cloud thing is free though…
No doubt Apple will kick their toys out their pram and start a barrage of law suites.
No doubt Apple will kick their toys out their pram and start a barrage of law suites.
Quite true, "litigation instead of innovation“ seems to be the motto at the moment at Apple HQ. :wallbash:

That said, I would have thought that there were plenty of other services that Google could point at as ”competition". Spotify, Amazon, 7Digital, Ubuntu Music Store (especially!).

Still prefer to buy CD's though … :P